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Why SEMtastic, when you can use PPC yourself?

It’s not an unreasonable question. If you believe that paid search can help you get the new leads that you want you are going to have to pay Google, Bing or any other search engine that is going to place your ads. So why pay somebody else to spend your money?

There’s only one good answer to that question and the answer is: because it works!

The reason it works is because at SEMtastic, we do much more than just compile search terms, write ads and manage your PPC spending. We take a much more comprehensive approach which means that we plan your marketing approach, recommend budgets, make sure that your web pages and ads tell a coherent and compelling story, assure that your response mechanism is sound and most of all manage your account like it was our own.

Pay per click advertising is great for advertisers because the potential customers are actively looking for you. But there are many other variables and each of them can cost you dearly if you don’t know about them and manage their use.

SEMtastic sells Results – Not Hype!

SEMtastic is a search engine marketing firm that is focused on running global paid search campaigns for:

  1. German companies seeking to enter the international market
  2. Non-German companies that desire to enter either the German or Japanese markets
  3. Nonprofit organizations
  4. Local Businesses, Ecommerce businesses and B2B businesses operating in the DACH region, English-speaking or Japanese-speaking markets

Our company focuses its global experience on providing expert services for our clients. Our paid search services are provided by our team of multi-lingual and multi-cultural internet marketing professionals. The team is made up of native English, Japanese and German speakers who are able to provide global support in every possible case. This unique aspect has made us a successful company. Our clients love the fact that they receive first class SEM services in a language that they can understand. They also love the fact that native speakers will be working on their important projects. These aspects make us unique among SEM companies. We’re confident that our strategies in global SEM will help expand your business and help contribute to its success.

Specializing in international paid search engine marketing

We at SEMtastic specialize in international search engine marketing services. We create effective SEM strategies for both national and foreign companies that seek to expand globally. Our goal is to eliminate the difficulties involved in growing your business’s online presence overseas. It’s likely that you’ll run into problems when trying to handle all of the cultural and language differences you’ll face when trying to grow your business abroad. That’s where SEMtastic comes in. We boast an expert staff of native German, English and Japanese speakers who are knowledgeable in their respective markets. They’ll work with you to develop inventive strategies for your global internet marketing campaigns. Online marketing presents your company with a wonderful opportunity for growth, but don’t try to do it alone. We’ll guide you through the confusing and complex world of online marketing so your business presence grows and becomes successful internationally.


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