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You go to a doctor when dealing with your health. You go to a mechanic to work on your car. It only makes sense to seek out an expert internet marketing company to help you with your online presence. Why trust the health of your paid search campaign to someone who’s not an expert?

We specialize in paid search engine marketing. We don’t claim to be specialists in other areas nor do we try to be a Jack-Of-All-Trades. Our business helps your business in all matters PPC and our analytics have helped us provide our clients with the highest-quality services for the past eight years. We are a Certified Premium Partner Agency with Bing Ads and Google AdWords and all of our Paid Search Team members are required to become certified upon joining the team.

We’re very passionate about what we do and we bring that expertise to bear on your projects. We’ll check your numbers between 10 and 15 times a day. You’ll see the search metrics attached to the bottom line results and as a result, your website will see more traffic and more conversions, and your business will see additional growth generated online. We don’t offer off-the-shelf solutions for our clients. Quite the contrary, we go to great pains to create customized solutions for every client. Here are some reasons our customer-centric approach is so successful:

Accountable, proactive and transparent communication

You’ll be contacted at least once per month by your PPC manager who will update you on your project’s progress as well as inform you of any changes within the industry. We will also keep you up to date throughout every stage of your project. You’ll know exactly what we’re working on and when you can expect to see results.

Customized Solutions

Every client is different and your needs most certainly are unique to your business. That’s why we’ll provide you with a customized plan and set of strategies designed to have the maximum impact on your business’ bottom line. We’ll provide you with solutions that extend beyond search engines and keyword-based PPC campaigns. Together we’ll plan a customized strategy that includes content campaigns, ad serving, remarketing campaigns and cross-platform solutions that’ll extend the reach of your business among Google, Bing, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and a wide variety of country-specific engines.

Proactive Optimization

Every quarter you’ll receive a plan with specific strategies that are designed to provide you with the highest possible ROI. The plan will outline what tactical steps we’ll take on your behalf as well as detail the expected impact on your bottom line. We also review our plans upon completion in order to track their effectiveness and impact on your business.

Focus on Driving Sales and Leads

You place trust in our company when you work with us. We take that very seriously. We’ll make sure you receive a positive and maximized ROI by tracking our efforts down to the sales and leads generated level. Our team consists of experts in various tracking solutions and we’ll show you the results of our accurate tracking, everything from search engine conversion pixels to Google Analytics tracking.

Paid Search means delivering relevant content to your audiences quickly and efficiently. This is the heart of our direct marketing effort. We make sure to provide relevant information to your site’s visitors so they can make informed decisions, driving leads and sales to fuel your business.

We work on your campaign daily and weekly to continuously improve the quality and quantity of visitors to your website, month after month. This produces more sales and enquiries and reduces the cost of gaining a sale for your business.

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